Provisional Termibus station

TERMIBUS, located in the former Garellano soccer field, was created with the purpose of embracing all the regular bus lines that were spread along different locations in Bilbao and, consequently, offering the bus user of our city a centralized, accesible and uniform service, both from a geographic and informative point of view, becoming the national and international arrival and departure center.

Currently Termibus, as well as the city of Bilbao, has evolved and has benefited from the great transportation developments that have ocurred during these years, and today we can say that this Terminal is located in a strategic place in the city, with excellent access to the highway for the operation of both the regular and discretional bus lines, offering connections to the rest of the urban and metropolitan transportations: metro, streetcar, renfe cercanias, Bilbobus and Bizkaibus buses, connection to the airport, etc., which gives an intermodality and quality character for our users.